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making the big romantic gesture. that's powerful. verizon. get a nokia lumia 822 in red for free. >> a fox weather alert. i am harris falkner. we are staying on the breaking weather situation in the south and southeastern part of the country. laitsz let's go to the map and see what we are watching. the hardest hit area, we knew it was going to be combative going into the hours as the system collided. cold wet air behind the blizzard air that went through. we knew it would be an active night. bam malabama, mississippi. this video has just come in from eric price one of our viewers now. this is the hattiesburg mississippi swiser that touched
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down a few hours ago. we were waiting for fresh pictures to come in. it has turned up the earth and a whole lot of damage in its wake. i have asked viewers to contact us through report to send both video and pictures. by my twitter page pictures were already starting to come in. we don't know the size, the capacity, the time on the ground, the national weather service will talk about the impact of what you see in the center of your screen. look at that lightening strike. it is staying on the ground for quite sometime. we have different angle of this. can we show viewers the different angle that came through earlier. this has audio on it. listen to the power of the twister moving across hattiesburg, mississippi. i asked people to hit me with their photos. the university of southern mississippi is within that twister path as it was moving
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across hattiesburg. this is the music building. one of our viewers says her daughter asthevendz inside her apartment building as the twister went by she went outside safely after it moved through and took this picture of the music building. thankfully the university of southern miss is out. it's out on break because of mardi gras. the governor phil bryant signed a state of emergency he's also an alum of southern miss and is watching this closely. reports of extensive damage to homes in that area. another viewer also her name is kimberly sent us this in. she was inside her apartment hit me on twitter said yes i am doing fine now it went right by me. look at this again hattiesburg. there have been other places where there have been reports up to 12 reports of touchdowns.
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that doesn't mean necessarily that was a twister. >> hi harris. a situation going on across portions of alabama and across mississippi and unfortunately we continue to see strong rowcation with these storms that are continuing to move eastward across the area. we have possibility for more tornado tornadoes. thomasville in southern alabama is under a tornado warning. there is strong rowcation with the storm. it is important people take these seriously. we want to talk about certain counties in tornado warnings. clark county in southwest alabama, washington county as well. the list goes on and on across the region. seek shelter immediately head for your basement or stay away from the windows. there could be a tornado on the
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ground and we know what we have seen so far. tonight you can see on the video across hattiesburg or we have had reports of damage and also power lines down and trees down across multiple counties not just in the hattiesburg area but surrounding places as storms continue to go eastward. some of the reports are that the storms are moving to the east at 40, 50nd even 60 miles an hour. we have reports of very heavy rain with the storms several inches, 2-3 inches per hour. flash flooding is proving an issue as well with some of these storms. >> maria very quickly this is coming into fox news right now. die know how you pronounce it. it is adjacent hattiesburg mississippi, northeast of hattiesburg a brick walled ace hardware store has been completely blown away leaving nothing but the foundation of that building. that tells you about the strength of this tornado. before we go back to regularly scheduled programming, maria,
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real quickly what does that tell you about this tornado strength? >> that would mean an ef 4 or ef 5 strength with the large foundation, large structure from the foundation that is dangerous stuff. stay safe out here across southern mississippi and alabama. i promise viewers we will only come to you as we gather new pictures and information. we are sensitive to the fact that you are watching programming right now. we will turn you now to "the five" but update you as news warrants. stay close. >> every survey shows that every actual practicing physician hates obama care. they are petrified of it. >> where is president obama showed up that wasn't a home turf for him? ever? >> that isn't the point. >> that is exactly the point if you can't get him on your turf you will take a neutral zone. >> you stand up and say these things about obama but this is a
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national prayer day. >> he won't show up on fox. he won't show up anywhere with conservatives. >> he won't do q and a. >> i have invited him to my apartment on a number of occasions obama will not come. he spoke truth to power which is something the press used to love. the press you'll actually used to do it. i am not surprised steven croft didn't dive in and tackle him in the middle of this. it is like they find it so objectionable and rude to actually talk to the emperor. >> can you at this think of a s there's nothing sacred in washington any more. is there in place where democrats haven't been political in the speech. you sit somebody in the front row and disparage him and ridicule him in front of the world. >> i have never seen or heard political comments like that. what you said about what he said that's not a surprise.
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but look, this is something that my friend cal thomas who cannot be more conservative he's an evangelical christian i got on the phone with him and completely agreed to me that this was exactly right. >> i called kelton thomas and said he called to make it happy. you know who agreed with him? paul crewingman. they asked him how they were going to deal with the debt crisis. he said deadebt panels and heal. he said what carson said. >> let's listen to another piece of sound from dr. carson and this is about taxes. you make 10 billion you put in a billion. you make 10 you put 1. it doesn't hurt the guy who made 10 million. where does it say you have to
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hurt the guy? he put 10 billion in the pot. >> how do we solve the problem? is it revenues? clearly have a spending problem. another way to solve the whole thing is go to the fair tax. time to start looking at a national sales tax on everything that is sold and eliminate the income tax. get rid of it. fair tax proposal is 23 percent of every sale and what you do you get rid of the irs get rid of income taxes and go to straight use tax. you want to buy this you want this you pay the tax on it. >> very similar. >> let me make one point about obama care. you should start as soon as they are born give them a card and have them start saving, does he recognize there are millions of millions of people in this country who couldn't begin to save anything. >> a lot put forward tax credit programs when a baby is born, you can set up a little fund.
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>> pretax. >> i am saying there are millions of people who couldn't begin to save. >> they have cell phones and flat screen tv's in their house. if you can buy a phone you can get healthcare. >> all the doctor was doing is making a point that all doctors are making that no one understands. they are small bhins. >> he knows exactly what he is doing. >> i would have loved that opportunity. if anybody had that opportunity he should. >> brave enough to go there and speak his mind when he had the opportunity. >> you call that courage. >> wasn't it nice to see president obama look a little perturbed rather than getting a tongue bath. the grin on his face during every 60 minutes thing it was nice to see him sweat a little. >> the last time you saw that was during the debate. >> he didn't know how to handle the heat. >> we should have had a split
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screen. >> it kind of was a funeral. >> bob didn't like it. i think we got that message loud and clear. coming up remember the sassy teenaged jail bird who slipped the judge the bird during her hearing. >> are you serious? >> i am serious, adios. >> adios. >> (bleep). come back again. >> that is a no no. that young lady has just apologized to his honor and our cameras are rolling. stay ahead. why let constipation slow you down?
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♪ >> growing obama appoint tees on
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two fronts this week. listen to marco rubio cia director nominee john brennan on where we allow tunisia to let the seoul benghazi suspect go free and listen to lindsay graham questioning outgoing chief leon panetta on president obama's being around for the decisions in ben didghazbenghaz. >> the tone nobounisians detain. >> yes. >> they released him? >> they did. >> where is he? >> they ahe is still in tunisia. >> during the 8 hour period did the president show any curiosity about how this is going, what kind of assets do you have helping these people? did he ever make that phone call? >> look, there is no question in my mind that the president of the united states was concerned about american lives. >> with all due respect i don't
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believe that's a credible statement if he never called and asked you are we helping these people. >> the questions raise more questions and don't offer any sort of answers. is america a more safer place or in peril on president obama's care. >> if you are in for the drone program you feel happy about killing terrorists but i am concerned about lost opportunities in terms of being able to get intelligence to gather information and to be able to make a bigger impact overall but it hasn't become expedient enough to try and put people behind bars and take as you refer to unfunded liability. >> are you going to innovate tunisia. is that what you want to do? >> i didn't say that. >> how about leaning on tunisia. >> that's the law of tun neisit. we can't go in there and take
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him out when he is following the laws of the country he is in. i don't think we have enough soldiers to take over tunisia. >> we are not saying take over but you can exert pressure to turn him over. >> i am sure they have done that. >> go to leon pin nanetta's testimony. obama wasn't in the room panetta made one phone call he wasn't sure how long it lasted. >> there is more holes in the benghazi cover up story than a block of swiss cheese. >> hoping for something better. >> i am working on it. i am working on it. on the benghazi piece we were led to believe they were on top of it it's 5:00 in the afternoon they are having a meeting with the national security team at 5:00 p.m. they were on top of it all night long. then you got the testimony no never got a call. no matter who is in office the
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congressional branch that is what they are supposed to do to help us figure that out. i would say i think america is a lot safer today than afz september 10th, 2001, because of policies put in place and adopted and kept and maybe enhanced, improved the obama administration. these were policies that needed to be in place before 2001 and were not and they went through the pain and agony and reputationnal problems of the years of the push abush administration. when president obama took office even because of the inconsistencies they criticized president bush before looks to me they kept most of the policies. >> he was there under bush and kept a lot of policies. >> there were more holes in his testimony than batman's hammock. >> much better than swiss cheese. >> we never get answers out of benghazi. we never get the two answers why were the calls for help ignored.
9:19 pm
we get more answers if congress went around a we guibord. they were free as the filmmaker was still in jail. there's still a man chunt for th -- manhunt for a cop chiller. susan rice is already raying the director of first blood. >> this is how saeed the leader of the militant group that carried out the 2008 attacks on mumbai, india where 260 people were killed including 6 americans. let's talk about this quickly. 120 -- 10 million bucks he is out and free in the media. shouldn't we go in and say look he killed americans we want him. >> we are not going to do that. unfortunately there's been a lot of talk about people pushing politicians to do that to take a
9:20 pm
stronger stand with pakistan because with friends like that who needs enemies. they had osama bin laden living in their midst and didn't happen to tell a friend let us know we had to find out on our own and go in. we are not going to be respected internationally if there was nothing to twhat them into doing that. >> it is a key component of that part of the world because it borders afghanistan. in order to get this guy from the pakistanis it is not as if you identified bin laden in a particular house. this it would require us to go into pakistan militarily. i am sure there's plenty of -- (talking over one another) >> the answer you might get from the administration is that it is complicated. with this guy if he is up and around and you can watch him and keep an eye on him that might be better than cutting off aid and
9:21 pm
risking a bad state. >> if you remember this crime it was one of the worth, worth things i have ever read. it was horrible the way they butchered these people. this is where drones work. um pro drone and i think if you could save american lives by using robotics, send a drone in take them out. why not. >> i am not sure why these people don't just have an accident. >> that is the point. some people need killing. you kill him say sorry after say you still want our money and aid? >> still to come, one college is offering a refund to grads if their degree doesn't earn them a job that will payoff the loans. why ivy league students are suing former students. we are all schooled up next. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool
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what'szing is a oo what's amazing greg is i am actually a bert singer than you. >> really? we didn't find that out last night. >> can we talk about my segment which is colleges. they are leaving -- grad students are leaving with overwhelming debt. one school in western michigan has a plan to help the alum. spring arbor university will payoff student loans if the student can't find a well paying job when they graduate. three universities elsewhere are doing otherwise. george washington university
9:27 pm
yale and pen have all started suing their grads who can't pay up for the loans they gave them. very different approaches. i like this michigan story because this is free market competition. if you are a parent and you pay to have your kids go to school they are going to pony up if they can't pay a job. >> this is instead of raising tuitions over and over. the reason why tuitions are sky rocketing is because colleges realize there's so much money out there. the availability of student loans is so easy they are going to jack it up and jack it up. we have a trillion dollars of student loan potentials to fall in our hands. the colleges to start giving a little accountability sounds great. >> it could be worse than the housing crisis in terms of magnitude. >> it was caused by the same thing.
9:28 pm
chief loans easy loans easy money for people who couldn't afford it. >> and exasperated recommendations to students that they take a major minor in subjects that aren't getting them jobs. this is a problem of too many going to law school and not enough. or a law school who says if you don't find a job after going to our law school we will pay you back. >> if you are a large law school that will be gidifficult to mak. if you are a smaller law school and you can attract people to come. doesn't that sound like a good idea money back guarantee if we don't help you get a job if you are not able to pay your bills we are going to give you a rebate back. >> you have kids that are -- one at college age one that is going to be do you like the idea? >> i like the idea of michigan
9:29 pm
university. the students at yale and pen and gw, gw the most expensive school. these are loans made directly to the students. >> perkins loans. otherwise the school would have to pay them back. they are going after and suing them. yale has close to a billion dollars in their endowment. gw owns about half of downtown washing top. the idea they should grab these kids is obscene. >> you said you wanted to comment on this i don't know what you are going to say. >> that's not a question dana. you have been doing this for year. >> what do you think? >> i am coming from the office side of the student. every student should stiff these expensive colleges on loans because they need to learn the
9:30 pm
obscure term called capitalism. they have been turning out lazy markists every four years who put social just sis to pay their own. you force the marxist professors to be in charge of debt collection. if they don't get the loans back they don't get their salaries. that's my solution. they will become capitalists>> there is a problem with it. you can't stiff the university directly. it goes into student loan default. >> remember when he was talking about bailing out student loans? >> let's remember most of the students will pay their loans. >> we have a huge problem that so many the number was 63 percent the number at risk of default.
9:31 pm
>> they are behind. >> how would you ever catch up. >> if you have 25 years to pay back the loan basically your life expectancy is over by the time you get a job and pay it off. >> the ee coon mow is coming back they will get the jobs. you are not going to have a trillion dollar default. >> right because you know why? there will be a bailout. they will bail out students. >> i wish they wouldn't. >> i bail out sallie mae when they got drunk that night. >> oh, boy. >> dad took her to perkins. >> perkins is amazing. >> i am on the hook for two loans i cosigned with people. one of them this woman died in a boat accident and they are still trying to make me pay it.
9:32 pm
>> who else should pay? >> that's what happens. >> that's what you did. >> is that right? >> we have such a great fantastic show coming up. do you have any co-workers who spent hours in the office shopping on-line? what about checking twitter, facebook or i can't say per's home page they are called cyber loefrs he will try to get them back to work. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn
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9:37 pm
district. reports of major damage at the university of southern mississippi. viewers tweeting these pictures of damage. there is so much damage in hattiesburg they can't get the area to assess all of it. they are bringing in light towers to report the debris. the governor signing a state of emergency for the area at least three people injured no details on that. many areas in the watch box. stay with fox.
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>> how does it effect your life? the danger of cyber loafing is the word itself. they are out of ideas. see dana's new app cyber jasper. the danger of surfing isn't the time wasting it's the crippling fear of actions that it puts in your life. makes it that much easier doing things as you watch others do things all around the world. achievement has been replaced by observation that makes it harder to move. we are creating a nation of gawkers cowards who can't speak to real people but talk cratrasr threaten violence on the web. america is spending time in the high school bathroom writing on the ball stupidity signifying zilch. it keeps them out of the bars and away from me.
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no one on their death bed will ever remember the great article they can send on the videos. you will feel better on the death bed. you know i will bob. i will. >> that dog keeps coming back to life. it gets way back to your life saying read me, read me. >> buy me. >> you are a sick woman. >> what would you do without surfing? that's all you do all day. you don't do any real work, dana. >> i have a circuit of my news that i read. you send too many articles to read. i resemble this remark. i have a problem i get -- >> sorry. you were rambling. the problem isn't that it is
9:40 pm
work it creates resistance to get up and do work. it makes it harder. we are spending 80 percent of the time doing things unrelated that we are supposed to be doing. >> when you are on the web. when you are using the computer 80 percent of the time the computer is doing things unrelated. >> that number seems very high. >> i think it's true. >> she doesn't cyber loaf. she goes into the stores to shop and when she is on the computer she is gathering research and sending an article. >> that's not loafing. >> some of us think the number, pornography how many porn web sites are there? literally ten's of millions. you encompass all of that. >> i think you are correct we find that in government agencies that's a big problem. do you cyber loaf? >> yeah, i guess i do. i look at like three things in the morning. >> please don't say. >> i look at those at night.
9:41 pm
>> three things in the morning that's about it. you know me i can't make these things work. one time i used the computer i got lost in the university of egypt i couldn't get out. >> that happens to the best of us. >> i think eric is right 80 percent sounds like a lot. >> you know what internet provided at work? smoke breaks for the people who didn't smoke you would watch people who went down for the smoke break and you had to sit at your desk and do work. now you can have it's like on-line smoking breaks. >> it's not a smoke break it's a poke break. >> a poke break? >> little clever. >> should workers be paid -- follow my hand. there you go. we are back here on a show. should workers be paid over time for checking their e-mail or work calls when they are off the clock? >> i don't like winers.
9:42 pm
i know they are over checking our messages our work e-mails that's part of your job. when is anybody going to be happy to have a job. we don't check our work e-mails and do stuff all of the time on the weekend. that's what you do if you want to do your job well. >> you were sending e-mails. >> i had a little problem got into the cough syrup. >> what's wrong with doing work at home. >> was i sending e-mails last night? >> you were. they made no sense. >> what time was it? >> 4:00 in the morning. >> that's not true. >> yes, you were. >> doing the show pitch. remind me when eric told me. you called me you said -- >> remember that? >> i don't remember. >> wait, you guys say late at night you are talking like 9:00. >> 4 in the morning is the last one i got from you. >> that is such bologna. >> i was just getting up. >> maybe ben took your blackberry again. >> i am firing ben.
9:43 pm
he was stealing from me. >> coming up the toddler who can dribble better than michael jordan. the basketball baby wonder next on "the five." [ female announcer ] your smile. like other precious things that start off white, it yellows over time.
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2 year old titus ashbym >> 2-year-old titus from kansas. can't believe this kid. shoots basket hoops. he did it on fox and friends got over 3 million hits on youtube. >> basket hoops. >> he shoots basket hoops. >> oh, my. that's unbelievable. do you think -- would you like to try this titus? what is this a trampoline? >> should we do the trampoline shot. >> here we go. titus has been brought up his whole life dominated by basketball. >> you want more. >> that's a boy.
9:48 pm
>> yes, good job. >> he is not a show pony. >> treats him a little bit like that. >> anybody have any thoughts. >> i challenge is kid on a game one to one. >> only one i could dunk over. >> i would plchallenge him to a game of horse. you know what it is? >> i used to play that with my mom. >> good luck buddy when you get into the nba. we know a lot of you are caught in in a snowstorm. we decided to give you advice what you might want to do at home if you are stuck in a snowstorm. >> what to do when you are snowed in. >> i think you stay right here and watch fox and watch the five and reruns. >> i can't believer it.
9:49 pm
>> i would watch all of the reruns of the great shows like, what's my favorite again? >> home land. >> i am going to rewatch her. >> if you are in for 55 hours you could watch eric's shows. >> what would you do? >> it is a great opportunity to clean closets. make piles trash give away and maybe pile to revisit p months later and decide if it goes or not. >> i get out all of my stuffed animals and tea set and captain spifer and sergeant fluffy. we all sit around and drink tea. there's nothing better than snow drinking. maybe summer drinking and of course drinking. summer, snow, scant do anything. >> better than rain drinking. >> knees fun, too. in a pub sitting there drinking. >> slightly human drinking is
9:50 pm
good, too. >> i like to be super cozy. >> yeah, watch movies in bed. >> you have guests over? >> not you. >> not you. >> i am a bachelor i am home alone it's very disturbing to be home alone. >> can't get in or out. >> find somebody who can spend that time with you who is academic minded person or somebody who can give you instructions on any number of things. >> how to use your ipad. >> how to use your ipad again. how to grow vegetables. h how to do all kinds of life things. >> what are you talking about. >> i am trying to get around what i would do. >> you took my thing. >> whier are you still wearing those goggles?
9:51 pm
oo because my eyes are shot. >> exercise will kill you. i went swimming to exercise look at these. >> you don't have to swim in a hot tub with your eyes open. >> you could. >> oh, double dip. >> unbelievable. >> a little shot right there. >> always get scared because he's going to get me back. >> that would be the equivalent of him swimming in an olympic pool. >> ronan swims in a hot tub you can goborrow his goggles. >> that's how i got these. >> i bet? >> i am saying a lot of weird stuff happens to you. >> all right. >> did you lose the goss els or did they break? >> they broke. they broke. >> rodney dangerfield thing. >> you are going to see what happens to you. >> you are only 40, though. >> well, no. my liver is about 95.
9:52 pm
>> one more thing. to grow, we have to boost our social media visibility. more "likes." more tweets. so, beginning today, my son brock and his whole team will be our new senior social media strategists. any questions? since we make radiator valves wouldn't it be better if we just let fedex help us to expand to new markets? hmm gotta admit that's better than a few "likes." i don't have the door code. who's that? he won a contest online to be ceo for the day. how am i supposed to run a business here without an office?! [ male announcer ] fast, reliable deliveries worldwide. fedex. and it gave me my custom number. my arches needed more support until i got my number at the free dr. scholl's foot mapping center.
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try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align. ♪ need help keeping your digesve balance in sync? try align. it's a probiotic that fortifies your digestive system with healthy bacteria 24/7. because your insides set the tone. stay in the groove with align.
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well, it's time now for one more >> time now for one more thing. i will get back to you. i thought we were on a break. >> remember the south florida woman in big trouble with the judge because she was i am polite and wasn't courteous. bob finds her attractive of course. she did a bad thing flipping the bird to the judge. >> are you serious? >> are you serious? >> i am serious, adios. >> (bleep). >> come back again. did you say that? >> yes, sir, i did. >> 30-days in the county jail. >> that judge wasn't playing 30-days. of course she apologized. >> my behavior was very
9:57 pm
irrational and i apologize not only to the court and you, but to my family. >> totally unacceptable to use that type of profanity. >> that is what happens when you abu use profanity. oo or santa. >> we have utmost respect for marines. take a look. go ahead, roll it. that's luca twee the me i think she can have a rank of sergeant in the marine corps. she stepped on an ied she lost her leg but saved soldier's lives in the meantime.
9:58 pm
8 years old. >> she is a good girl. >> how cute. >> real quick, check it out. it will be a great show once again. >> animation. >> when you smile. >> you can see him glowing in the snow. >> mine is we all love our colleague stewart barney host of barney and company. >> i hate him. >> believe it or not, he got to go to the national cattleman beef association his only american accent is john wayne. take a look at hee haw stewart barney in tampa, florida. >> we were thinking of you stewart. >> all right. >> o'reilly tonight with mcdirk and red eye in this studio we will be doing it out of the five. it will be a good show. >> are you going to sanitize it
9:59 pm
after? >> what do you mean? >> after you were in it with red eye. >> oh, okay. are you saying somehow we are contaminated or disgusting or infectious? >> you got the notice no one else did clean out your office of toxic waste stuff. >> you got the memo about the spring cleaning. >> that's where i found segment my fo -- seth niermer assistant. >> let's keep going. >> i am going to be brief. turn to doctor carson. let me make a point. talked about reading your bible entirely. if you read your bible carefully the great apostle paul says we should always honor authority. you saturday next to the president of the united states you belittled his programs. doctor, if i were you i would stick to medicine. >>

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